Collection: Megan-Ilene

Megan-Ilene is a zero waste, biodegradable clothing brand and Megan Lagueruela is a fiber artist who makes clothes. 
~~All materials used are biodegradable (many are compostable) and many are organic (no pesticides are used to facilitate growing or harvesting). 
~~All dyes used are either natural or low impact synthetic with a focus on low immersion techniques to prevent water waste and are safe for our city water reclamation. 
~~All patterns are either designed to prevent textile off-fall or any fiber waste is reconfigured, reused or revitalized creating a closed loop, zero waste system. 
~~All silhouettes are forgiving and functional, and are meant for a myriad of body types, shapes and genders.
~~All items are made in North Carolina and produced by entities receiving a fair, livable wage. 
By creating items that can be worn a myriad of ways and utilizing materials that are ultimately safe for Earth's reclamation we aim to change the thought process one utilizes with purchasing goods.  
It is our hope that by producing and consuming mindfully, we can focus on craftsmanship, reduce waste, and create truly impeccable clothing for the discerning customer.
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