About us

In the Beginning...


I realize now that Gaia was conceptualized from my love of beauty AND my need to be comfortable (as a mother of 6, I chose the name GAIA with intention). I would not realize for at least 15 years into my endeavor that this gift was to satisfy also my love of Art.

I see myself at my canvas mixing paints, layering, adding textures and realize that I have collected pieces of clothing for women to use their closest canvas (the body) as their work of art. Mixing, layering, taking pieces from the past and adding new and exciting touches - this was our connection to our deepest roots as collectors
of beauty.

I became, in my searches, a cultural anthropologist, gleaning spirit and beauty from women of every culture to bring to people who would walk through the doors of Gaia - I became a textile fanatic and drew on beauty from the Americas to Zimbabwe -I love exquisite fabrics and details in construction!

I choose my collections intuitively leaning towards unconstructed "conscious of the body" clothing that is timeless, complex and creative.... and I love passing this gift onto you.