Collection: Mara Gibbucci

MARA GIBBUCCI is a design company of Tamara
Gibus, visual artist, graduate of two fine arts academies – Kiev in Ukraine and Lodz in Poland.
Since July 1981, the artist has been creating fashion collections for clients from all around the globe.
For 40 years she has given an important place to the creation of clothes ecology which are not only made with natural materials such as linen or high quality wool, but also were created under ethical conditions because today “ecology” means “morality”. The style of these author collections is the result of the search for harmony between the asceticism of the form and the decorative character details, it is a continuous aspiration of the artist to create an innovative garment, personal and at the same time perfectly functional.
One of the main characteristics of the Mara Gibbucci collection is its perfect cut, and it is not only a cut in the classic sense of the word, but also solutions practiced in the workshops of the old masters who created the lines of the garment by draping and pleating the fabric over the silhouette, the cut being the derived from fabric sculpture.