Mama Said

We are thrilled to host Merlyn Bost for the entire month of October in our Pure Space Gallery. 

The vibrant colors and striking portraits are an absolute delight!


Q: How would you describe your art?
Answer: Colorful. I have an abiding love of color.

Q: How have you evolved as an artist?
Answer: Brief Bio/ my art story

I call Winston Salem, NC home. I moved here with my parents from Pennsylvania at age 3. My father was a professional artist and my mother was a professional singer. Growing up, our home was full of creativity and music. With visual art and performance art in the gene pool, how could I avoid the arts? Following formal art studies and various jobs, in 1990 I finally settled into the art of paper-making. I created two and three-dimensional artworks of handmade paper, exhibiting throughout the United States & acquiring numerous awards along the way. From 1990 to 2010 I continued paper making as an art form. During this time, I also designed greeting cards. I created a unique line of handmade art cards that could be found at Neiman Marcus, Barney’s, MOMA gift shop, and throughout Europe & Asia. Paper-making, although physically demanding, was my first love. Arthritis forced me to choose alternative mediums. Painting has proven to be a great choice!

Merlyn lives in Winston Salem, NC with her Tar Heel husband, Mike, and their Standard Poodle, Annie.

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