Jane Wells Harrison Opening at our Pure Space Gallery

Jane Wells Harrison Opening at our Pure Space Gallery

You are invited to join us on this Thursday, Sept. 1st, for the opening celebration of Jane Wells Harrison. Her highly regarded collection will be here through the month of September 

Jane Wells Harrison works primarily with paint media, often encaustic. Collage is usually an element of the work; therefore the paintings can be characterized as shape and color based abstractions. Creating in the studio serves as a physical interface between her life and the politico-social community, therefore any underlying content is frequently prompted by current events both on micro and macro level.

Jane has a Masters in FIne Arts in Painting and Drawing from East Carolina University where she was influenced by Paul Hartley and Robert Edendorf.

Teaching experience includes East Carolina University, Pocosin Arts, Caldwell Community College, Fenland School of Crafts. Jane maintains her studio practice in Happy Valley, near Lenoir, NC. Her work has shown many times in group and solo shows regionally and nationally. 

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