Emily Clare and Terri Dowell-Dennis Opening

Emily Clare and Terri Dowell-Dennis Opening

Come join us at our Pure Space Gallery for the Opening of our Emily Clare and Terri Dowell-Dennis Show!

November 2nd, 4pm-6pm

Emily Clare(b. 1954, Cookeville, Tennessee) creates small-scale art that encourages dialogue about the fragility of our environment and the opportunities we have to protect our native plant species from the intrusion of invasive species. Her inspirations come from collecting elements of native, exotic, and invasive plants during nature hikes which she prints and weaves into intimate abstract drawings, mixed media, and collages.

Terri Dowell-Denis: Many of the textiles in this new body of work begin with fabric that is designed and digitally printed from my original photographs or monotype . Additionally these works may incorporate earth pigmented fabric, antique and contemporary cloth, and objects.

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