Avivit Yizhar

Inspired by a variety of cultures around the world, my design and creation style is also characterized by using various motives and elements I picked up. Thus, my design includes a unique combination of fabrics and elements that come from ethnic arts, giving my collection an added value. This is how I get to rediscover the surprises that each cloth holds time and again. All these elements combined are the spirit on which I chose to design my studio as well as the stores I built over the years.

The fashion items I design and create provide a sense of lightness and freshness alongside very impressive elegance. The collections include a wide variety of fabrics that come in the color of the earth and are designed by with feminine inspiration in accord with the natural figure and the feminine design line. The items feel and communicate comfort, the sometimes-asymmetrical forms always create a very impressive look that emphasizes the most wonderful parts of the woman’s body, those that should be emphasized.